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8 KW Asic miner Water cooling radiator


Water cooling radiator for Asic miners.

The simplest and most convenient water-cooled overclocking system for mining machines and can also use mineral heat to heat the house.

Only 12kw model is recommended for all Bitmain Antminer and Whatsminer Hydros
* 4.5kw and 8kw models can be used with Lian Li waterblock conversion kits for compatible aircooled ASICs and some WhatsMiners

Product description:

Lianli 8KW integrated water drain is often used to dissipate heat for overclocking water-cooled miners. It operates silently, effectively reduces chip temperature, operates stably, and dissipates heat quickly.

Product features:

Strong power pump; high head, large flow, high-temperature pump.

The speed can be adjusted from 500 to 4500; the lowest speed can be adjusted in winter, silent operation, and it can be turned on at full speed in summer, and the chip runs at low temperatures.

Customized high-density finned water-cooled plate; 36 heat dissipation channels, more powerful heat dissipation, built-in 220V power supply, one-button boot, no need for external power supply, avoiding repeated plugging and unplugging.


Product parameters:

Oil filling capacity: ≈5L

Type of power interface: C14 female seat 1; need to match C13 power cord/220V

Water-cooled row power consumption: 0.16KW

Net weight: 12KG

Pipe diameter: water inlet and outlet diameter 12MM (need to match PU pipe with an outer diameter of 12MM)

Product size: 60*8.5*41(CM)

Test environment temperature: 27℃

Working power consumption: 7.8KW

Working noise: 20-70DB

Cooling radiator temperature: 43.6°C

Speed range: 500-4500 rpm


Comes with a 6 months manufacturing waranty.


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