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Asic miner 120KW Immersion Cooling Freezer


The 120KW coolant tank is made of 304 stainless steel, which is reliable and stable in welding and corrosion-resistant. The box body adopts splicing welding process to ensure reliable welding and no oil leakage.

It has low environmental requirements and is suitable for a wide range of scenarios, especially for scenarios with high requirements for noise and flexible deployment.

It consists of three 40KW immersion liquid cooling boxes superimposed, and it covers the same area as 40KW, which can accommodate more mining machines at the same time. The overall design is simple and elegant, and can adapt to any extreme environment. Especially suitable for home mining use.

The internal oil cooling circulation system of our immersion cooling products uses a piped shielded pump. This pump can more effectively isolate the water from the motor coil winding without mechanical seal, which ensures the normal operation of the motor. It has the characteristics of complete sealing, safety and reliability, compact structure occupying less space, stable operation, low noise, no need for lubricant, and wide application.

  • Overall shape and size of the product (length × width × height): 1325mm×1070mm×2140mm, which can hold 24 sets of Antminer S19.
  • Product composition: 120KW immersion cooling container is composed of immersion cooling Freezer body, Pipeline Canned Pump, brazing plate heat exchanger, etc.
capacity 120 KW
Order quantity (MOQ) 1
Dimensions 1325*1070*2140mm
Internal Dimension 857*737*484mm
Net Weight 610/KG
Parameters (Take S19 series as an example) 24
Major switch capacity 189A
Rated current 167A
Input voltage 380V~415V AC 50/60HZ
Operating power (Server not included) 1.2KW
Maximum Power 121.2KW
Fuel consumption 600L

Please note that the Fluid and Cooling tower is Not included due to the shipping charges!

Warranty: 1-year manufacturing guarantee.


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