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Simplemining OS mining software 16gb

  • easy setup
  • mining OS with remote access
  • mining ready
  • auto start



What is SimpleMining OS (SMOS) ?
It is nice looking and easy Operating system for mining on AMD/Nvidia GPUs

– idea is simple: Mining OS
– after purchase at checkout you just enter your email address and we will register your email in your ssd card to access your account in
– login to dashboard using the same email and start managing your rig.
– if there will be new miner i will implement it fast with auto-updates system


-Suprorts AMD and NVIDIA , please leave note at checkout which card you are using and we will setup this for your needed cards, card series mix not supported.
– R OS = AMD GPUs R300/R200/HD7xxx series
– RX OS = AMD GPUs RX400/RX500 series
– NV OS = Nvidia GPUs (alsmost all of them)
– hard drive / ssd / usb drive – it must be 7GB or bigger
– at least 1-4GB system memory (depend how much GPUs are you using and what miner)