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Xilinx BCU 1525 FPGA



FPGA mining is nothing new, but recently has raised a lot of attention.

Core Voltage (Mod) 0.75v (Modified from 0.85v)
Power 75W PCI-E + 150W 8-Pin AUX
Interface PCI-E, USB
DSP Slices 6,840
Memory 4×4 16 GB (non-ecc)
Memory (MB) 30.75
DDR4 4x DDR4 Dimm Slots (NON-ECC)
Cooling (Mod) Custom designed cooling solution for maximum thermal load. Includes additional heat-sinks for power components and upgraded thermal paste.

Bittstreams in development (posted here when ready)

  • x16rv2
  • XDNA
  • SmartCash
  • Maxcoin
  • Feathercoin
  • Gobyte
  • Vivo

Algorithm Power Notes
Bit-stream for 0xTokens

Bit-stream for Ravencoin

The FPGA carries a warranty for  90 days after Shipped.